Resistance Summer

In the first 100 days of Trump's disastrous presidency, we have blocked much of Trump and the GOP's agenda, strengthened our networks and resolve to protect ourselves and our neighbors, and caused elected officials to act with backbone they wouldn’t have had without us. In the face of the greatest obstacles and setbacks, we, the people—many of us new to political action—have risen up, and we have not wavered.

We are clear-eyed about the challenges we still face: slashing of the social safety net to benefit the wealthy; an escalation of saber-rattling and war-making; rampant racism, sexism, and anti-immigrant hate-baiting; deliberate undermining of our democratic institutions; climate chaos and denial. The only way out is to organize and mobilize.

Welcome to Resistance Summer.

Resistance Summer has three core objectives:

  • build and demonstrate the electoral power of the Resistance;
  • develop new leadership and capacity1,000 MoveOn Mobilizers building strategic capacity, organizing and mobilizing skills, and relationships, ready to take action in moments of rapid response; and
  • win tangible victories this summer against Trumpism and for a hopeful future.

As a Resistance Summer MoveOn Mobilizer, you will

  • take part in weekly online trainings in organizing and mobilizing skills from the nation's top organizers;
  • be matched with a cohort of 25 fellow MoveOn Mobilizers and an expert Resistance Facilitator who will support and coach you and your cohort;
  • put your training into practice by organizing one community event per month in June, July, and August, with the support of your cohort and your Resistance Facilitator (June Community Cookout, July Voter Contact Event, August Recess town halls and other accountability events), and by being ready to act in moments of rapid-response;
  • receive a $150 monthly reimbursement to help offset the often-hidden costs of volunteering: cell phone minutes, transportation, and oh, those snacks you bring to meetings!
  • upon successful completion of the Resistance Summer program, you'll have the opportunity to join MoveOn's national Rapid-Response Network to help your community respond to critical national moments by leading timely local actions.

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    The Women’s March
    A Black Lives Matter protest
    A #ResistTrumpTuesday or Resistance Recess town hall event
    An Occupy Wall Street event
    A civil disobedience action
    Antiwar protests in 2003-2004 or other
    A protest against the Muslim Ban (e.g., airport protests)
    An Earth Day event (including the March for Science)
    An election volunteer event in the 2016 election
    May 1 or other action for immigrant rights
    People's Climate March, Standing Rock protest, or Keystone XL protest
    Anti-deportation protests or actions
    LGBTQ rights rallies or actions
    Workers' rights action
    MLK Day event
    Other political or social justice event